Moth Control Bentleigh

Reliable Moth Control Inspection And Treatment Services Now Available In Bentleigh 

Are you worried that you might have a moth infestation in your house? And are confused regarding moth control in the house. We have the right treatment options for you. Moths tend to infest clothes, carpets, rugs, leather, pantry foods and more. Hence, a reliable pest control carpet moths treatment is necessary. We have been serving in Bentleigh for years. As well as providing effective moth control Bentleigh services to our clients. 

We have a team full of professionals. They are certified and well trained. And have years of experience. Hence, the residents of Bentleigh trust us with their homes. If you also want to give moth control services a shot. You can call us on 03 4050 7720. Our customer care team will take care of your requests.

The Signs You Should Lookout To Detect A Moth Infestation At Your Place 

Moths feed on clothes and food. And if you identify the signs during the early stages. A huge moth infestation can be avoided. Therefore, look out for these signs to conclude if you have a moth infestation or not. 

  • Cloth moths leave tunnels or trenches on clothing and fabrics.
  • You must have noticed irregular holes in your clothes. 
  • Tiny tubes are stuck to the fabrics. These are called larvae casings.
  • If you notice crusty deposits on rugs, items of clothing and drapes. Then you might have moths at your place.
  • Holes in food plastic bags.
  • Eggs or larvae are found inside the food packages.
  • Small web-like material found in the pantry.
  • Frequently spot small moths flying around you. Hence, if you are sure about such signs and want a moth control Bentleigh and inspection done. Call us today!

Are Moths Considered As Harmful? 

Moths are not dangerous to humans. But moths cause damage to homes and properties. Firstly, adult moths do not bite humans. They do contain venom and have poisonous coatings. But moths are not pests that attack humans consciously. Secondly, the larvae do have spiny hairs. And this can cause some mild problems. For example, some people might develop allergic reactions to hair stings. This causes painful red patches which look like hives. Moreover, some moth caterpillars can cause lepidopterism and dermatitis.  

Therefore, moths cause more damage to the property. And are more dangerous to homes rather than to humans. They attack clothes, pantry and expensive leather. Hence, get a pantry moths extermination and moth caterpillar control services today that too at an affordable moth exterminator cost. 

The Three-Step Moth Control Process We Follow 

Moth control can be a hassle as it involves certain necessary steps and one cannot perform such moth control on their own. Professional help is much needed to eradicate moths. Here is our three-step moth control process – 

  • Thorough moth inspection – Firstly, our team will do a moth pest inspection in your area. Moths breed at a very fast rate. And this can become a big problem. Hence, we aim to identify the moth eggs and larvae. And also the source of attraction for these moth pests. 
  • Performing the right mode of treatment – The next step is to perform the moth treatment. There are both chemical and non-chemical methods used. Our pest control team will decide based on the type of moth infestation, severity and quantity of the moths and damage done. For example, we use a fumigation chemical method. Likewise, pheromone traps are also very common. The non-chemical methods include liquid sprays, vacuuming and sanitisation. Hence, we have moth control for all types of moths. For instance, cabbage moth control, winter moth control, and carpet moth extermination. 
  • Prevention and follow-up advice – Our team will make sure that your property is free from moths. Hence, we even do a follow-up inspection and treatment if requested. Lastly, we will give you some beneficial moth prevention advice. And will install some moth repellents for the future. 

Why Is Our Moth Control Services The Best For You In Bentleigh?

  • Firstly, we have a team of qualified moth control Bentleigh professionals. They are the best local experts in this field. 
  • Secondly, we only use certified moth control solutions and methods. 
  • If you wish to have an emergency moth control in the house. We do take appointments on short notice. 
  • Moreover, our moth pest control costs are available at affordable prices. 
  • We also provide follow-up treatments upon customers’ requests. 
  • Lastly, our licensed moth professionals are the best local team in Bentleigh. You can contact our customer care who is available all round the clock. 


What pantry groceries are mostly infested by moths?

House moths or pantry moths are usually on the hunt for groceries. For example, grains, legumes, cereals, nuts, coffee, dried fruit and cocoa. Moreover, flour moths infest flour and other nuts.

What are the common types of moths that are found in Bentleigh?

Moths come in more than 2000 types of species. And the most common ones that infest the areas of Bentleigh are – flour moths, pantry moths, cloth moths and house moths.

Do you provide same day moth control services near me in Bentleigh?

Yes, we do provide the same day moth pest control services. As well as we work on the weekends. Hence, contact our team to confirm the timings and dates available.