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The Flea Identification

To identify whether you are attacked by fleas there are certain points to remember that are:

  • Flea Bite Symptoms

The basic symptom of a flea bite is itchiness, as flea bites irritate. Thus you may end up scratching a lot. This can also make rashes on your skin leading to red lumps. Thus getting a flea pest treatment is important.

  • Physically Identifying Flea

You can spot fleas through naked eyes. These are reddish-brown or black and are wingless. They have 6 legs that help them to jump high. They are fast and can jump up to 30cm high

  • Cat Flea Identification

The most common flea is the one that attacks cats, dogs and mammals. These fleas are reddish-brown, and 1-2mm long. And mainly attack domestic cats. Thus, getting cat flea treatment is very important.

  • Dog Flea Identification

To identify fleas on dogs, you may see missing areas in their fur and redness on the skin below. These fleas mostly attack the neck, belly, lower back, and base of their tail. Thus getting dog flea treatment should be your next step.

  • Human Flea Identification

Human fleas are the same as cat fleas. These fleas attack humans on their legs, mainly the area around their ankles. This causes red lumps and a lot of itchiness.

Measures To Take When You Think You Have Fleas

The various measure you can take to avoid flea attacks on your pets and in your home are:

  • Use powerful vacuum cleaners, especially in the corners of your furniture, which can be the house for fleas.
  • Regularly clean all the beddings of your pets in hot water.
  • Fleas live in areas that are shaded, humid and warm in nature thus avoid these natural situations in your home.
  • Avoid overwatering in your yard as this as well will create the humidity that is a favourable condition for fleas.
  • Get professional flea pest treatment done if you spot any flea attack in your home or yard.
  • Use a flea comb for your pets to get rid of them as soon as they try to live on your pets.

Our Flea Pest Control Process

The steps that our flea exterminators use for flea removal are:

  • Inspecting The Situation

After you contact us our flea control Bnetleigh exterminators will visit your home and identify the species of the flea, check the bites on your pet and will record every detail about the flea attack.  

  • The Physical Removal

During this step, our flea control Bentleigh exterminators will vacuum your whole property and remove fleas using various methods, whether using chemical treatments, flea bombs, or heat treatment process to kill fleas.

  • The Chemical Treatments

In this step, various chemical products are also used, but all our products are safe for you and your pet as well. Thus, using pet sprays, insecticides, etc comes under chemical treatments.

For the Same Day Flea Removal And Control Treatment, Contact Us

We provide the facility for same-day flea pest treatment in Bentleigh. After contacting us our team will try to reach you home within an hour or so. Further, in times of emergency feel free to reach us and get the most effective flea control Bentleigh.


Do flea bites cause any diseases?

Fleas don’t attack humans but if they bite you then you should get allergic reactions that can become life-threatening if not treated.

Is there any way to decrease fleas in the house?

You can do regular vacuuming to reduce the chances of fleas in the house.

What are fleas attracted to?

Fleas are attracted to humid and warm places, so try to avoid these environmental situations.