Bee and Wasp Removal Bentleigh

Need A Quick Bee Removal Service in Bentleigh? Call Local Experts.

Bees and wasp bites can be painful. Also, it spreads allergens to humans and pets. So if you notice a bee or wasp infestation in your place, then reach out to us. Many homeowners try to remove the beehive on their own which can be dangerous. So it is important to take the help of the professional bee controllers team in such situations. We are one of the leading bee pest control companies in Bentleigh. We perform the bee extraction with utmost safety. Besides, our team does not kill them instead we go for bee relocation. We can remove small to big bees and wasps infestation in Bentleigh. 

Our team of bee and wasp removal Bentleigh has years of experience in this field. Besides, we use proven and effective methods to remove bees and wasps. The cost of our service is also very nominal. We give high-quality and affordable bee removal services to our clients in Bentleigh. So call us on 03 4050 7720 to experience the hassle-free bee removal service. 

Our Experts Are Available To Remove Different Types Of Bees And Wasps

Different kinds of bees and wasps are present in Bentleigh, Australia. We have an experienced team that removes almost all kinds of bees and wasps infestation from your home. Below given are the types of bees and wasps species that we are experts in removing: 

  • Honey Bee: Honey bees are also known as Apis mellifera. They are very important ads they are the pollinators of flowers, vegetables, and fruits. They build large nests called hives. Besides, they are mostly defensive and not aggressive. They only sting when they are attacked or disturbed. We use safe methods to remove such bees and their hives from your place. 
  • Bumble Bee: Bumblebees can sting multiple times, but they do not sting quickly unless they are threatened badly. The bumblebee is very valuable as they are known to pollinate many crops. The abdomen of these bees is fuzzy, black, and yellow. So if you see a bumblebee infestation in your home. Then reach out to us quickly. 
  • Carpenter Bee: The carpenter bees are mostly found during springs. Besides, they are the shiny black wood-burrowing bees. The sting of carpenter bees can cause mild or severe allergic reactions in humans. Our team of bee and wasp removal Bentleigh uses special methods to remove the carpenter bees.
  • Paper Wasps: Paper wasps are one of the most common wasps around. They look similar to yellow jackets. Their nests look like umbrellas so they are also known as umbrella wasps. Just like other wasps and bees, their sting is painful. We are specialists in paper wasp nest removal and will give you the best results.
  • Yellowjackets: Yellowjackets are one of the most dangerous wasps. They sting many humans every year. Besides, they are very aggressive. The abdomen of yellow jacks is black and yellow in colour. So if you notice a yellow jacket wasp nest, reach out to our bee and wasp removal Bentleigh.
  • Hornets: The bald-faced hornets are ¾ inch long. Also, they are black and white and has a white face. The nest of such hornet is of basketball size. Another hornet is a European hornet. This is a real hornet insect. They are large in size and reddish-brown in colour. We are also available for European wasp nest removal in Bentleigh. 

How Do We Remove Bees And Wasps From Your Property?

Our team of bee and wasp removal Bentleigh follows excellent and safest methods. Besides, we follow some effective steps which will give you the best outcomes. Our process is as follows: 

Inspection: The first thing our team of bee removalists will do is a proper inspection of bee and hive nest areas. We will thoroughly examine the type of species and the size of the infestation.

Removal of bees and wasps around: Later, we will use safe methods to trap the bees and wasps which are around your place.

Removal of nests and bees: To remove the nest, we use non-chemical treatments. We make sure no one is harmed while we perform the removal of nests and bees.

Destroy the nest (If necessary): If the situation is very bad, then we might destroy the nest. Besides, our team of bee and wasp removal Bentleigh will follow and proceed with this step only if it is required.

Final Inspection: Our bee collector will do a final inspection to make sure there is no bee and waps infestation left out in your place. 

How do Bees Build Their Hives and Wasps Their Nest

The honey bees are known to build their hives by chewing the wax. It stops only when the wax becomes soft. Later, they bond the wax inside the cells of a honeycomb in large quantities. The worker bees get into the hives. Besides, the temperature of the nest remains 30 to 35 degrees Celsius which helps to maintain the texture of the wax. Whereas to build a wasp nest, the queen uses saliva that breaks downs the wood fibres. Later, it becomes a soft paper pulp. Afterwards, with a mouthful of soft paper pulp, she flies away to form a nest on any building. Also, the worker wasps create multiple hexagonal cells out of the soft paper pulp. 

Get Same Day Bees And Wasp Removal Service In Bentleigh

We offer the best same-day bee and wasps removal service in Bentleigh. Our team of professionals will reach out to your place within a few hours. We understand the severity of situations. Our team is always ready to offer quick and emergency service to our clients. Moreover, we are a local company and our clients always trust us when it comes to same-day bee removal service. So, reach out to us today in Bentleigh to get our super fast and effective bees and wasps removal service. 


Do you charge extra for emergency service?

No, we do not charge anything extra for offering our emergency bee and wasps removal service.

Is your company available in nearby places of Bentleigh?

Yes, we do work in the nearby places of Bentleigh. You can call us and share your exact location. Our team will be there to help you.

How can I know your prices for beehive removal?

You can call us on our toll-free number. Our professionals will give a free quotation over the phone.