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Pest Control Bentleigh has the most incredible team of professionals in the city. Our Ant Control Bentleigh crew is quick to respond to your issues. Our exterminators employ the most up-to-date procedures and follow a strict process to get outstanding results. Our Ant Control service offers the following advantages:

  • 24 hours available
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  • Technicians who have been thoroughly vetted and tested.
  • Eco-friendly and pet-friendly sprays and chemicals

Types Of Ants For Which You Can Hire Our Professionals

From the least harmful to the most lethal, ants come in various forms, colours, and sizes. In this context, “danger” refers to the likelihood of an attack on both humans and animals (pets).

As a last resort, if you’re fed up with the sight of ants scurrying around your home, you’ll want to learn more about the many varieties of ants and the best methods for eliminating them.

Odorous House Ants Removal Service:

First, exclude odorous ants by caulking vents and fixing utility gaps. Water collects in wall crevices and around sinks and baths. Cleaning counters and vacuuming every day might help decrease bug infestations. Sometimes insecticides can get rid of stinging ants, but not always. If your ant infestation is persistent, call Ant Control Bentleigh experts for assistance.

Throw away leftovers and crumbs immediately. Caulk seals cracks and voids. Wipe your kitchen counters regularly. Vacuum food-storage areas daily. Fix ice and leaky faucets. Woodpiles should be moved away from buildings. Trim close-by trees and shrubs.

Pharaoh Ants Removal Service:

Our team for Ant Control Bentleigh can help you establish an ant barrier around the inside perimeter of your property to get rid of the remaining pharaoh ants and prevent new ones from entering. Spraying for ants in the area around windows, doors, and baseboards as directed. Bathrooms and kitchens should receive extra care; nevertheless, the perimeters of other rooms, including closets and the pantry, should also be treated with caution. Even though it dries quickly and doesn’t leave behind any residue, it will keep pharaoh ants and other typical household pests at bay.

Carpenter Ants Removal Service:

To destroy the nest, you will need to enter the wall, which can be done by following ants, spotting “frass” near a border, or detecting a tiny rustling sound in the wall. Our team for Ant Control Bentleigh recommends drilling 1/8″ holes in the region where you believe the nest is located every six inches. To “puff” boric acid into the holes, use a bulb duster. (The boric acid will kill the ants.) The nest may necessitate a series of ant treatments to get rid of it.

Pavement Ants Removal Service:

If you have pavement ants in your home, they don’t want to get close to you or invade your property. They’re only interested in finding food and prefer to do so while roaming free. The problem is, as their name suggests, they tend to wind up in areas with a lot of people and pavement, which means they come into contact with people’s houses and their dogs.

Pavement ants in the house can be eliminated by contacting our Ant Control Bentleigh experts, who can find out where they are entering the house, where their primary nest is, and how to get rid of it.

Why do you and your belongings are not safe when ants are around?

Since the dawn of recorded history, ants have been a prevalent home pest. They’re not just in households; they’re in restaurants, offices, warehouses, and other places where people congregate. Why? In other words, food and water may be found wherever people live. 

They prefer sweets, but they’ll eat everything we put in front of them. Inadvertently protecting insects that produce honeydew, such as aphids, causes harm to both outdoor and indoor plants. Pests like whiteflies and mealybugs can be found in gardens around the United States.

Ants are also capable of causing significant structural damage to structures and residences. On the other hand, termites have caused far more damage to structures.

Controlling ants that infest properties is a three-step method in our Ant Control Bentleigh service:

Ant inspection:

Identifying foraging paths, nesting places, and factors that encourage ant infestations is the initial stage in the process. In and around a structure, it’s not uncommon to see a variety of different species. Workers ants travel in specific “lines,” such as cracks in driveways, walkways, foundation walls; fence lines; and other places where ants are known to congregate.

Ant treatment:

Effective control in most cases involves a combination of pesticide applications such as residual liquid sprays, dust, and baits, as well as non-chemical control procedures that eliminate conditions conducive to ant infestations such as exclusion and trimming vegetation away from the structure and so on.

Follow up:

We’ll keep an eye on the progress and you may need to get follow services in some conditions. We will suggest follow-up services based on our expertise in the work.

We Are Available For Ant and Other Pest Control in Bentleigh -Wide

Even though ants play a critical part in maintaining a healthy ecosystem, they may also be a nuisance to us because of the way they violate our personal space.

Are you dealing with ant infestations and looking for ant removal services to protect your building, food, and yourself?

Our team for Ant Control Bentleigh welcomes you. Bentleigh households and businesses rely on us for their ant pest control needs. With our cutting-edge ant removal pest control tactics and high-quality services, we have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses protect their health and wealth.


Insecticides and insect repellents are readily available in my home, so why do I need pest control?

All kinds of household pests thrive in and around homes. Problems are unsightly, but they can also spread disease-causing bacteria to the food they come into contact with. Personal discomfort and social embarrassment can also be a result of their presence. You can’t always get rid of these pests by yourself, but you can apply pesticides and repellents with long-lasting effects. To avoid future infestations, Ant Control Bentleigh uses highly effective pest control solutions.

Is my furniture going to be damaged by the ant control treatment?

No. Oil-based insecticides are used in the treatment of timber products. Furniture will not be harmed by ant control treatment.

Is it safe for kids to use ant control? Can ant control hurt my unborn child or me while I’m pregnant? Does pesticide use pose a risk to my elderly parents’ health? Please tell me if it’s safe for my dogs.

We only utilize products that have been licensed for domestic use by India’s Central Insecticides Board. The correct dosage and precise distribution are critical to ensure that ant treatment is completely safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, older adults, and domestic animals.